A message from ArtsEd Tennessee

ArtsEd Tennessee has just concluded a survey of candidates for the Tennessee General Assembly to better understand their commitment to arts education as an integral component in the curriculum for a well-rounded education.  The initial candidate email was sent in early September, with two follow up email reminders during the month.
You can see the results of the survey by voting district HERE.
If you do not know your voting district, you can find it HERE.
If you do not find the candidate you are looking for, then our email did not reach them, or the candidate did not respond to the survey.

As arts education professionals it is important that we take an active role in the selection of the members of the Tennessee legislature, and that we remain informed concerning issues that will impact our programs.
We welcome your feedback or comments at ArtsEdTN@gmail.com.
Who is ArtsEd Tennessee?
ArtsEd Tennessee is the state’s largest arts education coalition supporting all the arts in the curriculum, and our core member associations include the Tennessee Music Education Association, the Tennessee Art Education Association, the Tennessee Association of Dance and the Tennessee Educational Theatre Association.  In addition, we have support from KHS America, the Tennessee Arts Academy Foundation, the National Association of Music Merchants, and Americans for the Arts. 


Tennessee Association of Dance is a 501(c)(3) organization and a statewide network of organizations and individuals dedicated to artistic excellence and committed to ensuring that dance is a vital and respected part of life for all Tennesseans. Tennessee Association of Dance provides services that support communication, fellowship, advocacy, leadership and education for a broad-based dance constituency.