I am TAD

Meet our featured Board Member of the month.

Meet our featured Board Member of the month.

Name: Liz Kirkwood

Age: 30

Profession: Family Nurse Practitioner, Health Coach, Fitness Instructor

Why did I join the Board of Directors: I loved the idea of expanding my role in the dance community from dancer and choreographer to that of advocate and supporter of dancers and dance educators throughout the entire state. I first became a member of TAD when I was just 11 years old and went to the Junior Festival. I continued to attend the yearly festival for several years to follow. The organization played a big role in my dance education. 

Dance education: Johnson City Ballet Company, Kingsport Ballet, University of Tennessee Dance Company, Circle Modern Dance

Age I started dancing: 5

Favorite style/styles of dance: Modern

Style of dance I’ve always wanted to learn: Ballroom

Favorite dance memory: When I was around 12 I got to dance with Sean Curran Company when they visited my hometown to perform a modern ballet with the Kingsport Symphony. For a week, I rehearsed every day after school with Sean and his principle dancers. I still remember the choreography!

Life &/or professional goals: To empower people to live healthier lives. 

Professional dancer/choreographer I would most like to spend the day with: Jacques d’Amboise

What motives me on a tough day: Knowing nothing is permanent. 

What dance means to me: Dance is outlet, expression, love, and community. Dance is where I learned to work hard, push myself, forgive myself, and love myself. 


Tennessee Association of Dance is a 501(c)(3) organization and a statewide network of organizations and individuals dedicated to artistic excellence and committed to ensuring that dance is a vital and respected part of life for all Tennesseans. Tennessee Association of Dance provides services that support communication, fellowship, advocacy, leadership and education for a broad-based dance constituency.