The Margaret Martin Award is TAD’s highest honor. Named for one of the founding board members of the organization, the award is given to those who have made an impact on the Tennessee dance community. The Award recognizes consistently outstanding contributions in furthering the public image and accessibility of dance in Tennessee.  This Award will only be presented for exceptional and significant service to dance. Candidates for this Award may encompass individuals as well as organizations, and need not be limited to performing artists, teachers, or choreographers.  Candidates should have been actively involved with dance for at least five years.

 Areas of service to dance include but are not limited to:

  • Artistic Achievement
  • Arts Management
  • Audience Development
  • Complementary Arts Activity (journalism, technical support, photography, etc.)
  • Education
  • Funding
  • Volunteer Service

Past Recipients

  • Dr. Dorothy Floyd: Knoxville
  • Donna Rizzo: Nashville
  • Andrew Krichels: Nashville 
  • Michele  Douglas: Nashville
  • Janet Clough: Nashville
  • Jane Fabian: Nashville
  • Nancy Lane Wright: Chattanooga 
  • Margaret  Martin: Nashville
  • Brian Vernon: Clarksville
  • Banning Bouldin: Nashville
  • Irena Linn: Knoxville
  • Peggy Thomas: Chattanooga
  • Karen Smith:  Chattanooga
  • Judy Woodruff:  Kingsport/Florida
  • Barry & Anna Van Cura : Chattanooga
  • Robert Willie: Chattanooga
  • Shirley Blackburn: Nashville

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Three letters of recommendation must be sent to:

Tennessee Association of Dance
P.O. Box 330760
Murfreesboro, TN 37133